3 Developments Setting the Stage for Bitcoin use


We’re beginning to see more big companies and industries exploring the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Whispers abound about Amazon’s activity, Ubisoft is getting into blockchain, and in some cases even major banks are considering getting involved in one way or another. Even as developments like these seize the headlines, however, there are also some subtler developments that seem to be setting the stage for more consumer use of bitcoin. Below, we’ll take a look at three of them.

  1. Food Delivery Going Digital

Many people may have become aware of one or two food delivery apps, and even begun to use them regularly: GrubHub, Uber Eats, Postmates…. But you may be surprised just how many of these apps are out there. The very idea of food delivery is going wholly digital and is now operated through apps, which in turn means that related payments are being processed digitally. One of the barriers to crypto usage, to this point, has been that people simply don’t want to learn how to deal with wallet exchanges. But services like these have the ability to simplify the process such that paying with bitcoin won’t feel much different than using, say, PayPall or Apple Pay. There’s certainly a world in which five years from now a significant portion of the population is regularly ordering food with bitcoin.

  1. Gambling Expansion

Bitcoin payments aren’t entirely obscure in the worldwide online gambling business, with several casino platforms and some sports betting sites already accepting cryptos. But it’s the ongoing expansion of these businesses that makes for an interesting development looking forward. The casino side of online gambling is always evolving. Many may not realize that there are modern bingo sites in addition to internet poker tournaments, or that slot games now come with 3D settings and characters rather than just slot reels. The betting side of online gambling, meanwhile, is dynamic by nature, and is also getting more exciting thanks to new tech (such as AR, which is introducing new and exciting possibilities for in-person betting). Throw in that gambling businesses are being legalized in more places around the world, and you get a complete picture of the opportunity for bitcoin here.

  1. Changing Nature Of Fashion Retail

This one is a little bit more of a leap of faith. The fashion retail industry is already largely a digital one. While there are still plenty of opportunities to shop in person at malls and boutiques, the bulk of the business takes place online, which means it’s situated as well as any other business for crypto adoption. However, the bet here is that fashion retail is going to continue to modernize and adapt in such trendy ways that bitcoin will start to seem like more of a natural partner. Most notably, augmented and virtual reality are starting to change how people sample clothing and accessories, explore stores, and make their selections, making the whole experience a tech-based one. There’s not an exact or even necessary tie to bitcoin – but again, the forward-looking trendiness of it all will make fashion retail a nice fit for cryptos.

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