Tron [TRX] is no longer decentralized, states ex-CTO Lucien Chen following exit from network

Lucien Chen, the former CTO of Tron had announced his departure from the Tron network via a May 10 Medium post. The post stated that Chen would “rebuild a new TRON” citing several reasons for the need of a truly decentralized network, which he claimed Tron was not.

An expert in Big Data, Chen joined Tron in October 2017 following stints at Tencent and Alibaba already in his repertoire. On joining Tron, Chen affirmed the development of Tron in the online entertainment realm using blockchain technology and was responsible to curate the “coordination plan of TRON’s global technical team and arrange all project development schedules”.

Chen highlighted several reasons for leaving Tron, the prime one being that the network did not adhere to the decentralization principle completely. In his words:

“As a technical man, I feel very sad that the TRON has departed from the faith of “decentralize the web”.”

Adding on to his point of lack of decentralization in the network process, he stated that in the “DPOS and Super Representative node” there was a problem of “centralized voting”. Secondly, Chen attested that he was the builder of the “technology platform of TRON” and that the network was not associated to the internet.

Speaking about one of the keys of the Tron ecosystem, the decentralization applications [DApps], Chen stated:

“The TRON ecosystem is still far from commercial applications that users can really apply to. Bad money drives out good. Thus, DAPP in TRON is basically the gambling and funding project.”

He added that the Justin Sun-led network did not adhere to the “original intention of the blockchain”, which is primed on the principle of decentralization, which Tron was not following. Three key centralized elements within the network, according to the ex-CTO are token distribution, super representatives, the code development, as well as the organisation of the TRX community, citing lack of diversified voices.

Chen remarked:

“The whole project has developed into a monetary tool without any “decentralize the web” spirit.”

Not taking any names, Chen lamented to see the Tron project “become like this” adding that the “dreams and visions” mentioned to him by Sun “have been ruined”.

The Medium post stated that Chen will launch his own ecosystem titled “Volume Network”. He added that this ecosystem will “hope to rebuild a new TRON returning to the spirit of the blockchain”.

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