Monero’s [XMR] Riccardo Spagni calls Craig Wright ‘so dumb’; attacks Wright’s lawyer credentials

Craig Wright, Chief Scientist at nChain, has been in cryptocurrency hot waters for quite some time now, with his claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto being disputed by most of the cryptoverse. The latest chapter in this episode was written when Wright filed a copyright for the Bitcoin whitepaper, something that was seen by the Twitter community as a gimmick and “just another form.”

The latest proponent to come out and attack the Bitcoin SV proponent is Riccardo Spagni, the lead developer at Monero. In his latest tweet, Spagni wrote,

“PSA: Craig Wright is so dumb he made it illegal to run Bitcoin SV test net using the Bitcoin SV code when he illegally re-licensed it. He claims to be a lawyer, but fails to get something this simple correct…?”

According to the screenshot attached with the tweet, the mistake is in the hash number pointed out by Spagni. The hash does not define the algorithm, therefore a user can use any algorithm to come up with the given value. Spagni’s sentiment was shared by many members of the cryptocurrency community, with many starting a series of hashtags such as #CraigWrightissodumb. One user, Catoshi MeowMotonaut, tweeted,

“Are we playing  #CraigWrightissodumb ?
My entry “Craig Wright is so dumb that he sued a cartoon character on twitter”

This tweet was followed by a tweet from @amritha, a Bitcoin enthusiast, who added,

“… and then called the owner of Twitter a criminal for liking alt-coins and was banned for life from the platform, resigned to writing articles to himself on Medium.”

The copyright registration was met with a lot of trepidation by the community, but the story received another twist after Jerry Britto, Executive Director at Coincenter, clarified that just because a copyright is filed, it does not mean that the claim becomes legitimate. Post the filing, the copyright office will proceed to check if the clauses in the copyright document were true or not and only if it comes out green, does the ‘Bitcoin creator’ title go to Craig Wright. Britto added,

“Unfortunately there is no official way to challenge a registration. If there are competing claims, the Office will just register all of them. Someone else could today also register themselves as the author of the white paper, thus inviting a suit from Wright and letting a court decide on the validity of the claim. I volunteer @petermccormack.”

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