Litecoin [LTC] must move away from Bitcoin’s shadow to disprove BTC maximalists


Litecoin [LTC], the fifth largest cryptocurrency, has been marching ahead with several new announcements and developments. Litecoin’s recent surge has a lot to do with its consideration of Confidential Transactions and MimbleWimble implementation, as well as the upcoming Litecoin halving. However, many have often cited several issues with the coin, with some even suggesting some ‘improvements’.

A Reddit user, Arise Chickun, made waves online after he suggested some improvements to the cryptocurrency. The Redditor also spoke about the disparity of Bitcoin maximalists towards Monero [XMR], a popular fungible coin in the market.

The Redditor said,

“I’ve noticed with as much trash maximalists talk they seem to be neutral on Monero and don’t have anything negative to say about it. Basically its probably because of its development of the protocol – self-driven, and self-funded, pushing the boundaries of privacy tech and taking a lead building privacy technology.”

The Redditor was vocal while claiming that since Litecoin ‘aped’ every move made by the digital gold, Bitcoin, a notion held by most Bitcoin [BTC] maximalists.

This was followed by the social media user making a few suggestions on what could be done for the coin to stand out and be truly recognized for what it was.  The Redditor suggested making Litecoin’s development process and ecosystem the center of attention in an attempt to differentiate it from Bitcoin.

The Redditor also suggested that Litecoin undertake a crowd funding goal meter, similar to Monero, something which can be affixed to the homepage of the Litecoin Foundation. The user then implored Litecoin to accomplish its R&D goals, as and when enough funds were gathered to carry out the development procedure.

The user also recommended that users be empowered to donate part of their transaction to the Litecoin Foundation to make the coin more user-centric. The Redditor also asked developers of Litecoin, including creator Charlie Lee to focus more on technologies not being worked on by other coins, especially Bitcoin. This would go a long way towards Litecoin moving away from BTC’s shadow, he claimed.

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