Ethereum stolen in Cryptopia hack moves in 7 different transactions


Cryptosphere vigilante reporting on large scale transactions and cryptocurrency stolen in different hacks have revealed that the Ethereum stolen from the ill-fated Kiwi cryptocurrency exchange has been moved to unknown wallets in seven different transactions just now.

The first transaction took place at Monday, 27 May 2019 15:10:42 UTC when fifty (50) Ethereum tokens worth over thirteen and a half thousand dollars ($13,522 ) were moved to an unknown wallet address.

It seems that the hackers are moving the stolen Ethereum in small amounts since out of the seven total transactions only two were of more than a hundred ETH tokens at five hundred and one (501) ETH each worth over two hundred and seventy thousand dollars ($137) collectively.

These two transactions were recorded to be over one hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars ($137,187 and $136,881).

Among other transactions, four transactions were worth fifty ETH each recorded to be worth over thirteen thousand and five hundred dollars ($13522, $13,633, $13,612 and $13646) each.

The total amoung moved is only a small portion of the total amount in Cryptopia hack which is estimated to be over forty million dollars ($40m) worth of hack.

On the other hand, the seven transactions are collectively worth three hundred and forty-six thousand dollars ($346641) or twelve hundred and sixty-eight ETH.