Ethereum [ETH]: ‘Vitalik Boterin,’ an AI-powered bot catches Co-founder’s attention


There is a new AI in town, one that has similarities to Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin.  Going by the name “Vitalik Boterin,” the bot is powered by machine learning. The following are few of his tweets,

Boterin can tweet round the clock. In fact, even Buterin himself is a fan, and he happened to re-tweet the bot,

In order for the AI to tweet like the ETH Co-founder, the AI is regularly provided with actual tweets, articles, and posts on Reddit, written by Buterin himself.

The bot’s creator, David Moskowitz, became interested in the domain after participating in a local AI developer’s boot-camp, reported Hard Folk. He got the idea to create a bot for the cryptospace after he learned that a few developers had already created something similar for the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

According to, David Moskowitz,

“[Buterin] is a prolific writer and tweeter, so there would be a lot of data from which to build the model from.”

He added that he figured Buterin would also get a kick out of it since he had a good sense of humor. Moskowitz also claimed that Buterin doesn’t take himself too seriously, and would appreciate the technological aspect of it.

Boterin is powered by an open source, GPT-2. The limited version of the deep-learning neural net is used for the bot. GPT-2 is working on predicting words in a sentence by pulling it from the Internet. According to Open AI, it can generate “samples from a variety of prompts that feel close to the human quality and show coherence over a page or more of text.”

Moskowitz added,

“The text outputted still requires curation, with about 1 percent usable for tweets. Being a fanboy, I have a pretty good idea of the types of things Vitalik might post, so I’m able to pick out good content.”

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