David Schwartz on Stellar’s downtime, Brian Armstrong on institutional investors and more

Daily Crypto News- May 17, 2019

1) European Central Bank on crypto: European Central Bank, the central bank for euro and the entity that administers the monetary policy of the European countries, released an occasional paper titled ‘Crypto-Assets: Implications for financial stability, monetary policy, and payments and market infrastructure’.

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2) Poloniex delists nine crypto-assets: In yet another blow to the crypto-world, regulatory uncertainty in the US market has led to the delisting of nine cryptocurrencies from the leading exchange, Poloniex.

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3) Amazon files crypto-based Proof-of-Work patent: After Jaguar, Microsoft, and Nike, a new cryptography-focused patent has surfaced on the web, one attributed to Amazon. While the patent, “Generation of Merkle Trees as Proof-of-Work,” was filed by Amazon on December 23, 2016, it was made public recently after Morgan Creek’s Anthony Pompliano broke the news.

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4) Bosch to use Ethereum blockchain: Bosch, the multi-national engineering giant, joined hands with Ethereum to deploy blockchain technology and smart contracts at car-charging stations. Although still in its testing phase, Bosch is partnering with the Germany-based electric utility company EnBW to test out a prototype of blockchain-based car charging stations.

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5) Cryptopia answers users’ queries: Cryptopia released a new statement pertaining to its liquidation where the firm answered all the questions asked by the customers. Notably, the exchange had made it explicitly clear that they will not allow customers to withdraw their funds until the investigation is completed, emphasizing that it could take months for this process.

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6) University professor to launch cryptocurrency: In a new development which could open a new era in the history of the cryptoverse, Emin Gun Sirer, a professor at Cornell University, is looking at launching his own cryptocurrency and network. He will be receiving funding from several big VCs in the field.

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7) Binance hack: Scam alert; Even though the funds have not been recovered yet, another scam seems to be brewing in the shadow of these funds. A Reddit user suggested on the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit that the ‘team’ that hacked Binance was selling the stolen 7,000 BTCs, with a 70% discount.

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