CZ starts charity to raise legal fees for people being ‘picked on’ by ‘loser (CSW)’


CZ aka Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, has been known to be in touch with the needs of the crypto community. In his recent tweet, CZ announced the start of a charity which raises fees for people who are being picked on by Craig Wright.

CZ tweeted,

Craig Wright, a Bitcoin SV proponent and self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, took the crypto community head-on when he started filing “harassment and libel” lawsuits against people who claimed that he was a fraud and was not the creator of Bitcoin. CZ expressed his views and was extremely vocal about Wright’s actions, leading to the delisting of BSV from Binance, which was followed by a lot of other exchanges doing the same.

CZ also added,

“The donations will be sent to selected lawyer directly from BCF, with proper verifications and tracked on the blockchain. And when the case is done, we should get the funds back from the lawyers.”

Additionally, CZ also said that the cases, after raising the legal fees, “should be a slam dunk” and that “loser [CSW]” would have to cover the legal fees. To build traction for this movement, CZ added that he will be donating “$10,000 equivalent in BNB.”

@Satoshi_D, a Twitter user, commented,

“How about they use all that ‘fraud evidence’ against him in court and send him to jail?”

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