Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson: Communities like Bitcoin SV [BSV] shouldn’t even exist


Charles Hoskinson was recently featured in an interview where he shared a tentative roadmap to a crypto-accepting future. According to Hoskinson, he created Cardano and Kronos to facilitate users who wished to build applications or side chains around the common protocol. This way, Hoskinson planned to create a bridge between people and cryptocurrency via Cardano’s end to end ecosystem. He further stated that people don’t understand the inner workings of the market. He said,

“They just see the price. And if it’s not going up, you guys are scam and bad actor. I’m not here to make you rich!”

While talking about creating an entire ecosystem, Hoskinson added that “crypto is about choices; it’s not necessarily about forcing people into one philosophy.” He highlighted the problem with the old system being the lack of control and choices. He added,

“There’s a need for cryptocurrencies for billions of people, but it’s acceptance depends on the value added products and services after you’ve established a root of trust in a base layer.”

In order to make this dream a reality, he expressed the need to build better transactional security at the protocol level to ensure that the probability of being hacked goes down tremendously. Unfortunately, this effort is crippled due to ongoing feuds within the community. He also warned viewers, calling out the bad players that are looking for opportunities to scam new users within this space. He continued,

“Certain communities like bitcoin SV shouldn’t even exist. In an ecosystem with no patents, kings or leaders, we have a guy (Craig Wright) running around saying: ‘my’ and ‘I control it’ and ‘it’s my vision’.”

Hoskinson concluded the interview by stating that once Cardano or a similar network materializes, it will be a matter of “who do you trust?” The crypto community will also have policies similar to the fiat system, focused on consumer protection.

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