Brave Browser rises in popularity on Android; closes in on Google Chrome on Play Store


Following its well-anticipated launch, the new Brave Browser seems to have had a strong impact on the community due to its unique reward system. Brave, with the help of its token BAT, has been trying to revolutionize the digital space using its ad-blocking feature.

The Brave browser, which was launched in June 2018, had announced that there would also be a partial ad-blocking feature in the future. This ad-revenue platform was only launched recently and is speculated by many as the reason for the increase in Brave Browser’s popularity.

According to reports, Google Play Store saw a huge number of Brave Browser downloads following the launch of the ad-revenue program. Over the past three months, Brave crossed Chrome to become the second-most-popular app. However in May, it lost its position and settled for the third position. Following Brave Browser on the fourth position, was the Opera browser with an inbuilt VPN.

Source: AppBrain

Source: AppBrain

Further, Brave Browser is only two positions below Google Chrome on Play Store’s communication section. While Google Chrome is ranked #49 on the list, Brave Browser was listed at #51. Brave Browser’s BAT rewards are touted as the reason for its dramatic increase in visibility since all major publications had previously covered the development.

In terms of search volume, Google Chrome led the charts, holding over 70 percent of the volume owing to its vast existing user base. However, Brave made it to the second position, a few notches above Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

The rewards program was launched on April 24 and the official announcement had stated,

“These users will receive 70% of the ad revenue share as a reward for their attention, which they can auto-contribute to publishers under default settings. Brave’s platform is a new path toward a better Internet, where users can browse the web, earn rewards, and support their favorite content creators while preserving their privacy.”

Within a couple of hours of the announcement, BAT surged by 8%, before falling victim to market correction. At press time, BAT was valued at $0.344 after rising by a meager 1.08% over the past day.

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