Bleeping Computer warns of Bitcoin generator crypto scam

A new wave of crypto scamming has taken over the popular social media website, YouTube. Scammers are luring novice investors into downloading Bitcoin increasing software that once downloaded deploys different techniques to steals the victim’s browsing credentials, user details, keystroke recording and digital currency wallet files.

According to the latest report from publisher Bleeping Computer, scammers are using YouTube videos to attract users by promoting a tool that would let them earn free Bitcoin. Those who fall for the trap and follow the link provided in the description are then made to download a page in other tab and are directed to run a Setup.exe file.

If the file is downloaded and executed, Qulab Trojan virus takes over the unsuspecting victim’s system and initiates the stealing process. The software attempts to steal user’s browsing history, saved and social media credentials, crypto wallet files, and digital currency addresses. Qulab is a vicious malware.

Frost, a security researcher, first discovered the scam. Upon reporting, YouTube will remove the fraudulent video. However, the scammers come up with another account and start promoting the misleading content all over again.

Qulab Trojan virus can recognize various digital asset wallets, including BTC, BCH, Ethereum, and many more.