Bitcoin worth $356 million was moved to two separate wallets


Bitcoin worth $356 million, at press time, was moved from a single wallet to two different wallets, with no further transactions occurring. This transaction contained a total of 48,000 Bitcoins.

This transaction as seen on the Bitcoin blockchain makes one of the receivers the 14th largest Bitcoin wallet. The sender has had the balance of 48,000 since December 29, 2018, but came down to zero, at press time.


As seen above, the sender [174jWqrE2zrP57xWLAmwWCwxSHkJrfurWU] sent 47,000 BTC to  15VREscuZWHb41zzyivw6ZYagMyJ6YKFHd and 1000 BTC to 1HMSPFFfgcCGqXKNYq81yx4cWgDBnCo3qG.

The recent pump in Bitcoin’s prices has brought forth a frenzy last seen during 2017 bull rally; however, some believe that this rally could be a short squeeze. Others speculated that Bitcoin’s rally will come to dump once Binance activates withdrawals and deposits that were closed after the hack.

A bunch of other people speculated that this rally is similar to the one that occurred when CFTC first filed a lawsuit against Tether in 2017. @Bitfinex’ed, a  Twitter user commented:

“December 2017: Bitfinex CFTC subpoenas, Bitcoin price doubles. May 2019: Bitfinex sued by New York Attorney General, Bitfinex “super secret sauce” money laundering bank shut down and indicted for bank fraud and money laundering, Bitcoin price doubles. We know how this ends.”

Bull run or not, there are massive transactions of Bitcoins being moved to and from wallets, bringing all of the dormant Bitcoin bulls out of the closet.

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