Bitcoin Cash’s [BCH] Roger Ver adds Coinbase and Binance to his ‘safe list’

Roger Ver, well-known Bitcoin Cash [BCH] enthusiast and CEO of has been quite vocal about cryptocurrency exchanges that hold users’ private keys, urging users to not trust these platforms. In a recent talk session with FUD TV, Ver shared a similar sentiment, while revealing his list of top crypto-wallets.

Clarifying the difference between what he considers an “actual wallet” where users control their private keys and a wallet where they don’t, Ver said that the latter “cannot be considered” a wallet in the real sense. He said,

“If you don’t have your keys, you don’t have your coin.”

According to the Bitcoin Cash proponent, is the top cryptocurrency wallet, which notably had over 37 million wallet users. Ver also spoke positively about’s wallet, which the CEO had previously called safer than the wallets of Coinbase and Binance. The CEO boasted,

” .. we are the second most popular wallet software in the entire world second only to blockchain and of course when it comes to buying and selling cryptocurrencies you have to be able to do that”

The other two crypto-wallets on Ver’s ‘safe list’ were Binance and Coinbase. Despite calling them non-wallets and not as safe, Ver said that both exchanges had provided users with seamless channels to easily trade cryptocurrencies than any other cryptocurrency exchange.

Ver concluded by saying that the fifth best platform on his list was the Atlanta-based, Bitcoin payment service provider, Bitpay, which had enabled millions of people around the world to trade in digital assets.

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