Bitcoin Cash [BCH] is ‘unsecure’ and the recent BCH chain reorg is a ‘sh*t show’, says Blockstream CSO


Bitcoin Cash, the fourth largest cryptocurrency in the world, has had more than a few hiccups this month. The scheduled upgrade for BCH didn’t quite go as planned, the SegWit BCH funds were stolen, two mining pools had to reorg to blocks to return the stolen funds, and other developments marred the otherwise peaceful bullish month.

In addition, Roger Ver’s bet against Tone Vays is yet to be decided as Ver argued that Tone Vays cheated. The important thing, however, is the reorg of the BCH blockchain, which caused massive waves in the BCH community.

The Bitcoin Cash blockchain was hit by an attacker who waited months to exploit a bug, which led to the production of massive empty blocks with one valid transaction. Moreover, an attacker ‘stole’ SegWit funds, which caused two mining pools, and to reorg two blocks to recover those funds.

A lot of people in the community circulated the tweet below:

Samson Mow, the CSO  of blockchain, tweeted:

“The irony here is that #Bcash is so damn unsecure that it’s not even good for coffee transactions. What a shit show. 🤦‍♂️

Although the mining pools reorged the chain to prevent the hacker from allegedly stealing the funds, it broke the ethos of decentralization. Moreover, a few days before the incident, controlled over 50% of the hash rate for Bitcoin Cash mining, which raised alarms over one mining pool controlling such a massive amount of hash rate.

Mow further tweeted:

“These are not specifically #Bcash mining pools. They are general mining pools that support a few coins, including #Bitcoin. is run by Bitmain & BTC.TOP is affiliated with Jiang Zhuoer. This is why you run your own node. #DontTrustVerify”

The bug was resolved and Bitcoin Cash network was functioning without a hitch, at press time. The price of Bitcoin Cash seemed to be greatly unaffected by this incident as it was, at press time, still above $400. BCH was still the fourth largest cryptocurrency in the world, however, the price decreased by approximately 7.4% in 24 hours.

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