Bitcoin [BTC] ‘toxic’ culture: Samson Mows calls Matt Corallo ‘dramatic’ over recent feud

Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream, was thrown into the limelight after a Twitter debate about the toxicity of Bitcoin’s culture was seemingly book-ended by Matt Corallo, Co-founder of Blockstream revealing that he had blocked Mow on Twitter. Corallo had accused Mow and few of Blockstream’s members of being “what’s wrong with the Bitcoin culture.”

Samson Mow has now responded to Matt Corallo’s actions and said that Corallo was being “dramatic,” stating that he did not want to initially react to his allegations, but wanted to provide clarification on the situation so that there was no further speculated reasoning later.

Samson Mow stated that the initial debate had risen from what Neil Woodfine, an employee of Blockstream, had said about Bitcoin culture, with Mow stating that he did not “disagree” with what he said.

He said,

“Matt messaged me directly to complain about Neil and told me to “keep him in line,” Neil reports to me and heads up our marketing team. I told Matt that I don’t police the thoughts of my team and that they are free to express their own opinions.”

Mow said that the fact that Matt Corallo asked Woodfine to be kept in line went “right against the very ethos and principles of Bitcoin.”

He further emphasized the point that there were different forms of “toxicity” in the space, suggesting that previously during the Bitcoin fork, Mow had suffered similar backlash when people tried to get him fired as COO at BTCC.

Mow stated that,

“Toxicity is more complex than people that say things you don’t like. Ultimately, not everyone will act how you want or say the things you want to hear. But, if it bothers you a lot, you can block them, and do it without being overly dramatic.”

Eric Lombrozo, CEO of Ciphrex, spoke following Mow’s statement. He said,

Source: Twitter

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