Bitcoin [BTC]: ‘Toxic Culture’ feud grows as Blockstream co-founder blocks Samson Mow on Twitter


Over the past 48 hours, the Bitcoin community has been largely divided due to its contrasting opinions on the prevalent Bitcoin [BTC] culture on social media. A large part of the community had deemed itself “toxic,” in terms of how new people in the community were treated, whereas some suggested that few people simply did not have the conviction to survive the BTC community.

The situation reached a boiling point for certain proponents such as Matt Corallo, Co-founder of Blockstream, who blocked fellow Blockstream CSO, Samson Mow, stressing that Mow belonged to a group of Bitcoin developers who “bullied” other users on the internet.

Matt Corallo tweeted,

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The situation turned sour after a part of the Bitcoin community criticized people in the space of being too sensitive and stated that Bitcoin culture did not care about how people were treated on social media platforms.

Matt Corallo responded and stated that certain Bitcoiners who were non-developers and enjoyed “trolling other members” were increasingly toxic to the community. Such negative behavior and attitude was driving good and talented people away from Bitcoin, he said, something which was of no use to the community.

Corallo also admitted that a number of people in Blockstream and their management were part of “what’s wrong in the Bitcoin culture”.

Corallo’s sentiment was shared by a majority of the community with Cobra, Co-owner of, stating that the act of “throwing someone into a pit” for Bitcoin bullies to feed on had started to drastically affect the community.

He tweeted,

“Rather than pretending to be “righteous defenders of Bitcoin” and believing trolling on Twitter is helping Bitcoin, they should contribute to a project instead. If they can’t do that then better for them to at least be polite and not distract those who are.”

However, Jameson Loop, CTO at CasaHODL and creator of, took a neutral stance. He tweeted,

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