Bitcoin [BTC] may have a royal fan; Prince Charles tips his hat to blockchain and cryptocurrency

Bitcoin may be the best performing financial asset in 2018, Bitcoin may have seen a massive 50 percent growth in 2019 alone, Bitcoin may have broken multiple resistance levels, entered the Golden Cross and initiated its bull run, but it certainly doesn’t compare to this.

Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British monarchy and eldest son to Queen Elizabeth II tipped his hat to Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain. While greeting a buoyant crowd in Germany, the Prince of Wales, in the unlikeliest of events, responded to a question about Bitcoin.

According to this video from @coindorado, the Prince was asked about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies whilst in Berlin. He initially shrugged the question, stating “Don’t know about that one,” amid possible confusion, however, the mention of the underlying technology of “Blockchain,” made him gather his thoughts. The second in line to the 1,200-year-old monarchy stated about the currency that aims to replace the pound:

“Very interesting development,”

Despite the passer-by nature of the comment, the semblance of appreciation for cryptocurrency and blockchain by a 70-year old prince of the most prominent royal family in the world is a testament to the growth of the industry beyond its regular crowd. When Satoshi Nakamoto drew up the Bitcoin whitepaper, he didn’t quite picture Prince Charles to be a fan.

Could be the start of monarchies adopting cryptocurrencies and launching their own token sales to boost their standing amongst their citizens? Maybe royal baby names could be voted on via lottery sales based on the royal tokens held.

I hope Binance is taking note and is looking to list a VICTORIA [VIC] token in the coming months.

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