Bitcoin [BTC] is just a ticking time bomb, claims Jonathan Aird

With every cryptocurrency making and breaking new records on a daily basis, relevance of no altcoin can be ignored in the ongoing bull run. Additionally, the quest to crown the real Bitcoin has divided the ecosystem into groups that either support Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] or Bitcoin SV [BSV]. While BTC has been making headlines for redelivering massive returns for long-term investors, BSV’s ecosystem has been more involved with proving Craig Wright’s credentials.

In order to clear out some of the related confusion, BSV’s Jonathan Aird featured on a YouTube podcast to share his view on the situation. Aird started off the interview by pointing out BTC’s stability issues, stating,

“Unlike BTC, the BSV investors and BSV market behave rationally during an alarming news. I don’t think it’s (the crypto) overpriced either.”

He told viewers about how most critics are mainly focused on “the Craig thing” and are suffering from “Craig derangement syndrome.” While on the topic, Aird recollected Wright’s decision to sell his undisclosed amount of BTC holdings and reinvest in BSV, during BTC’s halving period, which may greatly affect the price of both coins. Consequentially, he asked viewers to invest in BSV “even if they don’t believe that Craig is Satoshi.”

Aird also claimed,

“Some of the prominent BTC core developers have started speaking out against its own toxic troll culture. I think it’s pretty clear that this (BTC) is just a ticking time bomb.”

Touching upon the recent developments within the BSV ecosystem, Aird asked viewers to keep themselves updated by following ongoing conferences. Additionally, he displayed enthusiasm toward the fact that BSV had overcome most of the hurdles that had been crippling the coin’s growth and adoption. He said,

“We spent so much energy just fighting to save the protocol, which we don’t have to deal with anymore. We’re finally getting to the point where we’re going to be able to build real, massive, scalable online applications and infrastructure with tools that we have.”

Aird ended the podcast by warning the ecosystem about an “quantum shift in the cryptospace” led by BTC’s fall and BSV’s rise.

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