Bitcoin [BTC] investors should understand the technology behind it before investing, says eToro CEO


In a recent interview with Crypto Potato, Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro, stated that he always believed that the tokenization of all assets was inevitable and the main objective behind building eToro X was to create an exchange using “regulated distributed ledger technology,” that would enable the trading of all assets that were traded on eToro currently.

Yoni Assia added that crypto-spring was upon the market currently, indicating that the spirit of the market was very high. He mentioned that there was an extended revival in terms of numbers on the exchange, which was not prominent before. He also highlighted the fact that collective interest had increased between people to invest in Bitcoin and get into the bull market.

However, Assia made it clear that the hype was still very far off from the one that surfaced in December 2017.

Assia was questioned whether IEOs were important in the current scenario, to which Assia said that IEOs were “interesting,” but it was nothing new.

Assia said,

“I think IEO is part of the current bull run but I also think that the fear has sort of bit got washed away, so people felt that bottom has reached whether that’s correct or not, we will see in the future or not.”

Yoni Assia was also asked whether Bitcoin had bottomed or not, to which he responded that he was currently very bullish on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He stated that people needed to invest in assets that they were ready to believe in. He added that people who were investing in Bitcoin needed to understand the technology and its blockchain aspect first.

He said,

“People need to be excited about Bitcoin and I think there are more and more people who are actually accumulating and hodling more Bitcoin and that’s basically what drives the prices up collectively.”

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