Bitcoin [BTC] has different use cases depending on where the user is; Venezuela is a good example, says Shapeshift’s Eric Voorhees


Proponents in the cryptocurrency industry have always made the effort to inform users and holders of coins about what is going on around them, in terms of use cases as well as regulations. The latest person to speak about the industry, more specifically Bitcoin [BTC], was Eric Voorhees, CEO of Shapeshift, a popular cryptocurrency exchange.

In discussion with Bloomberg, Voorhees stated that BTC’s price fluctuations and bubbles pave the path for establishing itself as a legitimate form of transaction. Voorhees was also asked whether Bitcoin will always remain a speculative asset or will it be used for actual purposes. To this, the Shapeshift CEO replied,

“The usage of Bitcoin actually depends on where the user is. In Venezuela, people are using it to escape inflation while in other countries people have started using in actual transactions. I agree that a majority of the use cases are still speculative but that will change as soon as people fully embrace it.”

Voorhees admitted that it has been a rough year for Shapeshift because of the addition of the Know Your Customer [KYC] feature on its wallets. He stated,

“We wanted a model that was supposed to be frictionless and aimed to increase the user’s privacy. All of us at Shapeshift wanted to build something that was useful but with the advent of KYC, it has become difficult. I have been a believer in Bitcoin since 2011 because as soon as I saw its application in terms of cross border transactions, I was hooked.”

The CEO opined that the legitimacy of cryptocurrency does not increase due to comments by groups of people, but rather from usage. He even commented on the entry of institutions into crypto by saying that established companies will hold a minority position for the foreseeable future.

Eric Voorhees was in the news recently after claiming that Bitcoin’s success rate was really minor in its early days, when compared to recent times. He had said,

“… the first bubble I was in, early-mid 2011, was bigger in terms of percentage gain but the industry was small back then, the people talked in terms of hundreds of thousands of dollars not multi-billion dollars. This is a big industry at this point and when this whole industry rises by a 100x in 2017 and then collapses back down by 90x, it has a big effect”

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