Bitcoin [BTC]: Germany leads BTC nodes race in Europe while US takes top spot


The Bitcoin node race is heating up, with several new players entering the fray. The United States has seen its node share dip to just 25 percent of the total, with emerging countries looking to pounce.

According to a report by Trust Nodes, Germany holds 1880 nodes or just under 20 percent of the total, right behind the United States. Notably, Germany and the US accounted for over 45 percent of all nodes worldwide, with no other country holding double-digit figures.

Germany’s European ally, France, was a distant third with only 619 nodes, or 6.51 percent. Curiously, China took the sixth spot with only 306 nodes. Other countries in the top 10 included the Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Russia.

Source: Trust Nodes

Like the top cryptocurrency, the top altcoin showed a similar pattern in node distribution. Again, the United States took the top spot.

The report suggested that Ethernodes indicated 3,000 nodes in the United States while Etherscan stated there are 2,000, both pegging the US to take the top spot. According to Ethernodes, China took the second spot with 1,200 nodes while Germany has only one-third of China’s amount, at 400.

Etherscan points to Germany having 962, while China sits behind in third holding 796 or over 10 percent of all nodes.

The report suggested that Germany’s growing prominence as a home for cryptocurrency dissenters has been growing of late. Coupled with another crackdown by the Chinese government on Bitcoin miners, Berlin seems to be the preferred option for devs and techies.

Pegged as one of the most “open, tolerant, privacy-upholding, and welcoming countries,” Germany can stand up to the economic might of the United States if the alliance with France and other European giants materializes.

In light of Berlin’s importance to the larger cryptocurrency sphere, Trust Nodes stated that crypto-proponents should be welcomed,

“Accommodating them and perhaps even facilitating them might thus be an historic strategic choice which may finally allow tech giants to rise in Europe too.”

Germany is in the midst of introducing comprehensive regulation for the country’s decentralized currency sector. Earlier in March, the German Federal Ministry of Finance rolled out a paper on the treatment of securities based on blockchain. The report suggested that virtual currencies are not securities, but tokens issued via ICOs do pose significant risks.

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