Bitcoin [BTC]: Debate on BTC community’s culture splits crypto-proponents on Twitter


The cryptocurrency space is often split between users debating the pros and cons of their own crypto-assets. Bitcoin, the most dominant cryptocurrency, has evidently been one of the most active communities. However, there is also the perception that Bitcoin’s [BTC] culture is very harsh and ruthless.

Neil Woodfine, a representative of Blockstream, made waves online after he stated that Bitcoin culture did not need to change for users who were “unhappy” with it.

Woodfine said that Bitcoin dealt with money and indicated that a lot of people’s livelihood depended on it. He stated that the industry was surrounded by scammers and “agnostic enablers,” who had often exploited users due to their lack of knowledge of the technology.

Hence, the Bitcoin industry culture was very competitive and straightforward. He added that people who felt “unwelcome” and harassed in the community probably had impractical views or ideas about Bitcoin.

He stated,

“If you’re unhappy with bitcoin culture, sorry, you’re the problem. Bitcoin is better off without you—you’re not cut out for the challenges ahead. You’re not good under pressure, you’re too sensitive, and you lack conviction.”

Woodfine’s remarks were quickly picked up by many on Twitter, with several choosing to respond.

John Newbery of Chaincodelabs responded to the statement and said that is was “ridiculous.” He added that the community will not be helped if it promotes a culture of “if you don’t like it, get out.” The ruthlessness will not attract talented people who are currently not representing the Bitcoin protocol development, he added.

His tweet read,

Source: Twitter

Newbery further remarked that even through the current culture was not perfect, it was certainly not static. The idea was to improve the culture forward, welcome new people, but remain strict with the development of code.

Even Samson Mow, CSO at Blockstream, put forward his opinion, tweeting,

“It would actually be better if at #Bitcoin contributors wee pseudonymous, for a multitude of reasons.”

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