Bitcoin [BTC]: Cryptoverse questions Craig Wright’s ‘Satoshi claims’ with MIT license discovery

As the “Who is Satoshi Nakamoto” plot thickens, the cryptoverse is yet to take sides following several claims being thrown about on the Internet. Craig Wright is the most famous of all claimants to the pseudonym, with the nChain Chief Scientist recently filing for a copyright on the original Bitcoin whitepaper. This move was criticized by many in the cryptoverse.

In retaliation to Wright’s undertaking, Twitterati have taken it upon themselves to find “proof” that can falsify his “Bitcoin creator” claims. One such tweet from @stacyherbert has caught the attention of speculators. The tweet said,

“Satoshi released bitcoin under MIT license”

The tweet had a link that showed Bitcoin was “distributed under the MIT/X11 software license,” and discarded Wright’s ownership claims. Additionally, another Twitter user, @amritabithi, pointed out that Bitcoin SV “broke the original MIT license” by making changes to it in their latest version.

However, several users such as @murphsicles discounting the “MIT license” finding, arguing that,

“An MIT license is free to distribute & use. Users are free to request edits, improvements & code changes.”

While the mere registration of a copyright claim would not grant any legal control over or right to restrict usage of the word Bitcoin, the episode has led users to question the entire foundation on which the cryptocurrency was built on. Following the filing, Bitcoin SV had pumped by 116% in an hour, before falling again. Notably, BSV had lost 24% of its value within an hour, hours after the aforementioned pump.

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