Binance hack update: John McAfee promises to catch perpetrators and absolve Binance of blame

After the recent Binance hack that resulted in the loss of 7000 BTCs, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao made numerous efforts to calm the resultant panic. Prominent crypto-players such as John McAfee and Justin Sun also extended their support through various tweets, for the beleaguered exchange.

While Binance has undertaken several steps towards damage control, John McAfee reassured his commitment to identifying the hackers in a recently uploaded interview. Making a stark comparison between the Binance and Mt. Gox hacks, McAfee stated,

“It’s the fault of the software vendors who sell database systems and communication systems which have back doors. It’s not like Mt. Gox!”

McAfee also revealed that he will be conducting a conference call with Zhao, shortly after the interview, to find a proper resolution for the fiasco. He also made viewers aware of his intentions behind these developments, stating,

“My goal is to find the person (responsible for the hack) and make sure that people don’t blame Binance.”

He further supported the statement by saying,

“This is what I’ve been doing my entire life and you cannot run and hide from me.”

In addition to sympathizing with Binance users, McAfee advised viewers to “spread out their investments to avoid such hard losses.” McAfee also asked viewers to expect a “Bitcoin credit card” launch within this year. The entrepreneur also hinted at launching three new projects, involving a trading platform that “is going to change the face of trading in crypto.”

For now, the crypto-ecosystem awaits an update regarding the steps taken to catch the hackers. With the help of the online community across the world, Binance has identified wallets in its exchange that allegedly contain almost 6,000 ‘stolen’ BTCs. The exchange has stopped any withdrawals, until the loot is recovered.

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