5 Essential Bitcoin Tools You Need to Be Using

Bitcoin has quickly become much more than the fringe currency replacer that was discussed in the far regions of the web. It is now, in no uncertain terms, an absolute powerhouse and one of the fastest growing stocks in U.S. history.

The question becomes, how do we navigate this strange and potentially enriching world of cryptocurrency? These tools will certainly help you achieve that goal.

1. Coinbase

Coinbase is an essential tool in the cryptocurrency world as they are the premier service for purchasing and selling alternative currency.

In essence, Coinbase is a Bitcoin wallet that serves to protect and deal the currency with other individuals and businesses. The volatility of the currency still leads some to skepticism but all are in agreeance that as far as wallets go, Coinbase is the one.

2. Coindesk

Founded in 2013 and started by Shakil Khan Coindesk is the source of analytics for the popular alternative currency. What began as a place for Bitcoin news,

Coindesk grew into something much larger and became an essential hub for all things Bitcoin related. This includes charts, analyses and growth projections that are essential for anyone looking to get involved.

Bitcoin originally was a bit of a maverick with no clear grasp on where the future was headed but, with the recent cryptocurrency market surges, keeping abreast of the changes have never been more important and Coindesk is the best place to do just that.

3. Kraken

In a world of shady practices and with trust issues abound, finding a place to trade cryptocurrencies can be a difficult, if not altogether frightening, experience. This is what makes Kraken such a unique tool that is too good to ignore.

It is one of the first and most secure places to trade Bitcoin with other people and institutions. To bolster and strengthen the position of Kraken,  they are also the first company to pass an independent audit and was one of the first partners in the cryptocurrency bank.

The security runs even deeper as they also exchange U.S. dollars and Japanese Yen along with other international currencies. Kraken is even used by governmental trustees and financial regulators which only contributes to their record of safety and reliability.

All of that to say, Kraken is the best Bitcoin exchange out there and most likely will be for years to come.

4. Blockchain.info

Blockchain.info is a software platform for everything related to cryptocurrency. As the leader in digital assets and production, Blockchain has become ubiquitous with the development of Bitcoin and other alternative currency.

It is ultimately for those who want to get involved on the developer side of things or for those who want to use it as a means of storing digital assets.

Either way, Blockchain.info is in no small way the future of currency in a global sense. The people at Blockchain believe in the security of the platform and seem to be adamant in the use of its platform as the way all currency is heading.

Regardless, what Blockchain is doing is clearly incredible and as the involvement grows the essentiality of Blockchain becomes clear.

5. The Bitcoin Foundation

The Bitcoin Foundation (BCF) is essential for those who want to track the progress of and donate to Bitcoin.

The BCF is dedicated to a world free from the uncertainties of traditional fiat currency and believes that world which uses cryptocurrency is ultimately a more secure and more powerful one. Their primary mission is to spread Bitcoin awareness and the information on how to use it.  

Financial experts are typically needed for integrating Bitcoin into their lives but the BCF believes that the ultimate gain is essential in promoting value and security in the everyman’s life. The BCF is dedicated to the progression of Bitcoin and it’s proliferation.

With the goal of providing the rights of value to man, it’s not hard to see why the Bitcoin Foundation is a necessary tool in any Bitcoin enthusiasts repertoire.


Bitcoin is now a downright infamous investment opportunity that millions see as a value stock much in the same vein of gold.

Bitcoin is not slowing down anytime soon and we you have to decide whether you are going to sit idly by or get involved.

For those who seek the latter, the tools are out there to give you the most complete view of Bitcoin and the development of other cryptocurrencies as they are created.

Sites like Coinbase and Coindesk can help you stay informed. From buying with Kraken to developing with Blockchain, the door is wide open to become a part of something that very well may change the face of currency and trade forever.