XRP army provides support to scammed user; CZ steps in to provide first-hand customer service

A Twitter user @XRP4Fam, on April 6, complained about losing his Bitcoin [BTC] and XRP from his ledger. After his post gained significant traction on social media, the XRP community stepped in to help the user. @XRP4Fam tweeted:

“I just got my XRP and Bitcoin stolen from my ledger… I’m devastated and do not know who to contact. The hacker got access to my phrases and transfers all the crypto to a binance account. Please someone help… @cz_binance @binance @digitalassetbuy @AlexCobb_ @CKJCryptonews”

Binance’s CEO and founder Changpeng Zhao, popularly known as CZ, asked the Twitter user to file a support ticket in an effort to solve the issue. However, the user was left disappointed as the support team could not identify the user who deposited funds to Binance.

That’s when CZ took the matter into his own hands and asked for the user’s ticket number and his seed getting compromised. A private key or string of seed words, also called mnemonic, are like keys to a safe and are generated by entropy, without which no one can steal any funds. @XRP4Fam claimed to have stored this on a third party note-taking application that was hacked. The user stated,

“The seed was store on my third party note taking app. My phone and computer did not get hacked but the note taking app probably go hacked on a web based attack or some method that was involved in information leak. My phone wasnt compromised neither my computer.”

Tiffany Hayden, a prominent proponent in the XRP community, jumped to impart what XRPTrump, another XRP proponent, believed to be the ideal way to store keys. She said,

“@XRPTrump is on hiatus, but he often makes the argument that exchanges are a better choice for many people because holding your own keys *also* comes with risk. It’s the only HUGE difference of opinion that he and I have but after watching you and this, I see his point now.”

@XRP4Fam has not informed the community about any update on the lost funds.

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