Pewdiepie forays into cryptospace by partnering with Dlive, a blockchain-based live streaming platform

Pewdiepie, arguably the most famous YouTuber on the planet, stepped into the cryptospace after he announced a partnership with “Dlive,” a blockchain-based streaming platform.

Pewdiepie announced the partnership via his daily “meme review” video on 9 April, 2019, adding that he will be streaming live on Dlive soon. He stated,

“I’m partnering up with Dlive, it is a live streaming platform… Dlive’s mission is to empower creators… through their revolutionary reward system… personally, I think its really cool to have creator-based website, actually putting creators first. I’m really excited about Dlive and I’m really excited to be live streaming again.”

He also added that he will be doing his first livestream by donating to content creators who livestream on Dlive. Pewdiepie added that he will be donating, Mr. Beast-style, to creators, with donations ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.

Dlive is a blockchain-based live streaming platform that leverages the disruptive nature of blockchain technology to fairly reward content creators. Most platforms for content creators have huge fees, with some of these platforms charging up to 50% of their earnings as a fee.

YouTube is presently the world’s primary video streaming platform and is the go-to website for video sharing. In recent times, there has been pushback from audiences over YouTube’s new rules about monetization which have become a setback for creators. Hence, many platforms have recently been developed over the years, with Dlive being one of them.

Dlive plans to change the video platform scene by putting the needs of creators first and by empowering them, since it is a creator-driven platform.  The rewards are not just for creators, but also for viewers who can earn “Lino,” an ERC-20 token inherent to the blockchain.

The partnership between Pewdiepie and Dlive is a step forward towards cryptocurrency adoption since the YouTuber has 93 million followers on YT, which might translate into Dlive subscribers.

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