Netzmedian pulls April Fools’ Day prank; will not pay its employees in Bitcoin

Netzmedian is not paying Bitcoins to its employees. The crypto community, including several prominent media houses, fell for an April Fools’ Day prank after reports surfaced that the Swiss publishing house, Netzmedian, was paying its employees in Bitcoins instead of fiat.

The latest update to the original post states,

“Update from 2.04.2019: April, April! The editors will have to be satisfied with the Swiss franc, at least for the foreseeable future. The announcement that [Netzmedien] will pay off all wages in future in Bitcoin, of course, was an April Fool.”

The post previously stated that the decision for fiat to crypto conversion was taken owing to the preferences of its employees who opted for Bitcoin. The article also added that there was “no opposition” from employees who were offered to choose between Bitcoin and Swiss Franc.

It went on to quote one of the company members in the same event, who announced conversion of half of the company’s assets by 2022 and help bolster crypto adoption in the region.

The article also said that the media firm was planning to diversify and roll-out pay for its employees in virtual assets other than Bitcoin in the near future, in addition to coins like BitCoen and Jesus Coin as employee wages.

The updated post concluded on a note that read,

“And by the way: Since the announcement, the Bitcoin price has increased according to Coinbase by more than 14 percent. Probably just a coincidence.”

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