Ledger Monero bug: ‘Lost’ funds of users affected by Ledger change output bug successfully recovered

On 8 April 2019, one of the moderators of the Monero sub-Reddit released a post-mortem of the Ledger bug that affected Monero users, resulting in them ‘losing’ their funds.

An announcement by Monero || #XMR on Twitter read,

“We have, in collaboration with the Ledger team, successfully managed to recover the ‘lost’ funds of the users affected by the Ledger change output bug”

The initial announcement regarding the bug was made in early March, 2019 by the Ledger team on Reddit. Even Kraken, a leading exchange in the US, released an official statement claiming that they would be suspending its funding services till this issue was fixed by the team.

The Ledger team had stated,

“In the last version of Monero client 0.14 with application 1.1.3, it seems there is a bug with the change address: The change seems to not be correctly sent.”

Udi Wertheimer, a coder, had stated that this bug would result in XMR users incurring a massive loss of funds if they tried to spend the money stored in their Ledger wallets. He also requested them to refrain from doing so.

Nevertheless, according to the post-mortem report, transactions were “erroneously constructed and the wallet was not able to spot [and subsequently credit] the change.” This was what led investors to assume that their funds were lost.

This issue was resolved by a collaboration between the Ledger and the Monero team, and the ‘lost’ funds have been recovered. The post-mortem further revealed the reason why Ledger wallets could not identify the change and credit the balance.

Source: Reddit

The post stated,

“The bug was investigated by Ledger and described to both luigi1111 and stoffu. Fortunately, luigi1111 designed a concept that would allow one to retrieve the lost funds. Subsequently, stoffu created the required manual patch. Lastly, the Ledger team assisted the affected users with retrieving their funds.”

The post further assured that from now on, pull requests pertaining to Ledger’s Monero code would be thoroughly checked and reviewed by the team, as a step towards avoiding similar bugs in the future.

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