John Carvalho calls Bitcoin hard forks scams; expects JPM Coin to remain behind

John Carvalho, the CCO of Bitrefill, is a strong advocate of Bitcoin [BTC], and his hostility towards the fork coins is no secret. Carvalho minced no words in his latest interview where he called BTC forks ‘scams.’ When asked about his opinions on other Bitcoin hard forks apart from Bitcoin Cash [BCH], he said,

“All Bitcoin forks I know of are scams or wastes of time and money. The craze of forks was mostly just a trick people played to inflate Bitcoin supply and fool people into paying for copies of Bitcoins.”

This is not the first time he has shunned the Bitcoin hard forks. Recently, Carvalho aka BitcoinErrorLog, challenged Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver to a physical duel for the domain. Prior to this Twitter brawl, he also criticized the cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, for its Bitcoin conversion options to other cryptocurrencies, including BCH.

Bitcoin’s highly anticipated Lightning Network is something Carvalho is excited about. He stated,

“I love it! I’m excited to see how popular it will become and how quickly developers can create new features in the protocol to make it more useful.”

Carvalho echoed a similar sentiment to that of Luke Dashjr, a Bitcoin developer, who agreed to the latter’s proposition that proposed pushing Bitcoin’s block size to 300 KB earlier.

The two main factors according to the CCO that are interfering with Bitcoin adoption are ignorance and fear. According to BitcoinErrorLog, the leading crypto coin is already great at what it does. Rather than global adoption, Bitcoin’s goal should be to make its network useful and reliable for everyone to use it.

Bitcoin’s underlying technology, blockchain, has been adopted by institutional players to create their own stablecoin. When asked about his stance with respect to financial institutions adopting crypto, Carvalho said that he expected them to be left behind. He further added that large corporations that have penetrated the space are more inclined towards blockchain, and crypto experiments in actuality, are centralized experiments.

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