Hodlonaut crowdfunding campaign hits 10K mark as Twitterati comes to aid

A majority of the crypto community came together to create a web portal and crowdfunding campaign in a bid to cover Hodlonaut’s legal costs. The website was created following a massive outcry against the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig S Wright, who threatened the individual behind the Twitter account ‘Hodlonaut’ in a series of letters, demanding an apology for labeling him “fraud”.

The crowdfunding website, “#WeAreAllHodlonaut,” has successfully raised $10651.17, contributed by 539 users, at press time. The website read,

“Everyone’s favorite astronautical feline, Hodlonaut, is facing legal action from Craig Wright. The Lightning Torch founder was DMed a letter from Wright’s legal team following a series of tweets in which Hodlonaut claimed, among other things, that Craig Wright was not Satoshi Nakamoto.”

The author of the website revealed that it was created to ensure Hodlonaut continues to vocalize his honest opinion. The crowdfunding campaign would substantially aid in the impending legal battle against Craig Wright. Hodlonaut, who has since deleted his tweet, has found significant support pouring into his way. The #LNTrustChain initiator is already seeking legal counsel and has paid a retainer fee, the website cited.

The fundraising campaign follows Wright and his associates promising a reward to anyone who revealed Hodlonaut’s true identity. Many of Hodlonaut’s supporters changed their profile pictures and usernames, claiming that they were all Hodlonaut, fuelling the #JeSuisHodlonaut campaign. The website also added that any funds raised over the fundraising target will be donated to Bitcoin Venezuela.

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