Ethereum [ETH]: Vitalik Buterin pays no heed to Wright’s legal notice, labelled “unlawful” by BSV’s Ayre

The curious case of Craig S Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, and his dishing out of legal notices to the cryptocurrency community has not died down yet. The latest fury arose when Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum had irked the BSV camp by paying no heed to the “Letter of Claim” addressed to him.

Calvin Ayre, the spearhead of the Satoshi’s Vision project alongside Wright, labeled Buterin’s dismissal of the legal notice “unlawful”. He further delved into the mindset of the Ethereum co-founder, stating that Buterin was aware that Wright is, in fact, Satoshi Nakamoto.

His April 25 tweet attacking Vitalik Buterin read,

“Vitalik is loud, annoying, immature and just play unlawful, but is ignoring his opportunity to prove his case. I would say Vitalik already knows #CraigisSatoshi and has been attacking only as a way to unlawfully attempt to stop superior technology.”

In the aforementioned tweet, Ayre referenced an article by his cryptocurrency-specific media house Coingeek, detailing the episode. According to the article, on April 12, Buterin was served a “Letter of Claim” by Craig Wright’s lawyers, owing to the “defamatory comments” made by the former against the latter.

Buterin has previously referred to proponents of the camp as “BSV shills” and had questioned panel discussions hosting them. Notably, he expressed deep anguish at these “shills” being given airtime at the recently held Deconomy Forum.

The mentioned “Letter of Claim” necessiated a response from Buterin on April 23, according to the Coingeek article. Because of this, the article suggested that Wright’s lawyers would serve a formal “Claim Form, or Writ, against Buterin which has been issued by the High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division in London, England”.

During the delisting dilemma that saw BSV being booted out by several top exchanges like Binance, Kraken and Shapeshift, Buterin published an article surrounding free speech. His article read:

“Delisting BSV is more like reallocation of a scarce resource (attention/legitimacy) than it is censorship.”

Peter McCormack, another target of the legal campaign by the BSV camp, responded to the notices, unlike Buterin. Far from apologizing for his comments, McCormack doubled down, stating Wright’s “attempts to silence and bully people to protect his fraud and lies is an attack on Bitcoin”.

The hue and cry from the BSV camp regarding the identity of Nakamoto could be settled once and for all, with a set of charts showing the public activity of Nakamoto and Wright, in the 2009-2010 period. Charted based on time of day, the data indicates that the “creator” of Bitcoin’s location was eastern North America, based on sleeping patterns and activity, while Wright’s location and activity correspond to him being in Australia, at the time.

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