Ethereum [ETH] possibly vulnerable on Samsung Galaxy S10 as device susceptible to hack

The highly touted Samsung Galaxy S10 which has an inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet is reportedly not as secure as the cryptocurrency community would like to believe. A video shared on Imgur reveals the ease by which the phone can be unlocked, causing the coins stored to be vulnerable.

In the video, the user ‘darkshark’ states, via a step-by-step approach, shows that the inbuilt ultrasonic fingerprint scanner can be tricked. The user first took a picture of the fingerprint using a regular camera, via Photoshop an alphamask of the same was made, following which he created a 3D model to apply on the phone.

All-in-all the process took him 13 minutes and the 3D fingerprint model unlocked the phone like a regular fingerprint unlock, leading many to question the device’s security measures. The crypto community was left in shock at the ease with which darkshark could break into a device that could possibly house thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies.

Dardshark stated,

“This brings up a lot of ethics questions and concerns. There’s nothing stopping me from stealing your fingerprints without you ever knowing, then printing gloves with your fingerprints built into them and going and committing a crime.”

The Samsung Galaxy S10 set the crypto-world alight in February when it rolled out its crypto-wallet for its US, Canada, and South Korean customers. The technology giant stated that the limited supply is due to geo-restrictions prevailing in other countries.

At the moment, Ethereum [ETH] and other ERC20 tokens are the only cryptocurrencies supported on the device, sources have revealed. However, Bitcoin [BTC] and other top virtual currencies will be integrated in the future.

It should be noted that the video in question shows the vulnerability of the device itself and not the isolated crypto-wallet. Although, once the hacker can break into the device, barring any additional security features on the wallet alone, the coins in the crypto-wallet are compromised.

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