Elon Musk joins Dogecoin bandwagon; steps down after being ‘elected’ its ‘CEO’

April Fools’ Day saw the cryptocurrency community, including major crypto-projects and proponents, embracing the whimsies of the day. Elon Musk and his affair with the Dogecoin project was yet another episode in a series of popular pranks for the day. Weeks after calling Bitcoin ‘brilliant,’ the Tesla Founder was full of praise for the ‘joke currency,’ Dogecoin.

It all began after the Dogecoin project posted a poll on April Fools’ Day, asking the cryptoverse to elect its next ‘CEO.’ Elon Musk was chosen by 69% of the community, beating candidates like Vitalik Buterin, Justin Sun, and Marshall Hayner, to “lead Dogecoin into the future, while maintaining the project’s core values.”

The SpaceX Founder was quick to take in the plaudits, while also showering appreciation of the Internet’s favorite meme-worthy cryptocurrency. He tweeted,

“Dogecoin might be my favourite cryptocurrency. It’s pretty cool.”

The meme coin welcomed the results of the poll, and tweeted,

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That wasn’t all! Elon Musk soon joined in on the act and updated his bio to state,

“Former CEO of Dogecoin.”

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While it isn’t clear yet why Musk chose to step down as Dogecoin’s ‘CEO,’ it is speculated that Musk finally got his hands on a calendar and realized that the joke had stretched out far longer than necessary.

Either way, it would seem that Elon Musk has added another feather to his cap. Not only can he claim to be the Founder of revolutionary companies such as Tesla and SpaceX, but he can also proudly declare himself as the winner of an April Fools’ Day poll conducted by the Internet’s favorite coin.

To be fair to Musk, it isn’t a bad time to get on the Dogecoin bandwagon. The 25th ranked cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap has risen by 25% over the last 7 days, and was valued at $0.0031, at press time. It had a healthy market cap of $376 million too. For a ‘joke currency’ with a Shiba Inu as its mascot, those are some pretty serious numbers.

Jackson Palmer, the creator of the meme coin, wasn’t away from the April Fools’ Day cheer as he jokingly suggested that he may be considering the sale of Dogecoin.com. Belated April Fools’ Day proposal or not, Elon Musk should probably give Palmer a call. Maybe he can add that to his Twitter bio too.

Source: Twitter

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