Crypto-Twitter juggles censorship, freedom of expression after launch of ‘WeAreAllBitcoin’ campaign

Even though the Craig Wright-Calvin Ayre fiasco hasn’t quite ended, crypto Twitter has found itself in another mess which has put the ethos of cryptocurrency and Twitters ToS at stake. The user of “@Bitcoin”, a Twitter account that represents Bitcoin, is at the centre of this mess.

The @Bitcoin account was allegedly found promoting/shilling Bitcoin Cash according to some users, including Peter McCormack, Whale Panda, and Jimmy Song, among others, which didn’t sit well with others. Jack Dorsey, a Bitcoin supporter and the CEO of Twitter, might be inclined to suspend/ban the account yet again as people are alleging that the account was sold, which goes against Twitter’s ToS [Terms of Service].

The screen grab below shows the reply from Twitter CEO on the same:

Source: Twitter

This has divided the crypto community into people who are against @Bitcoin and people who support him/her/them. The people who support the handle believe that the account wasn’t “sold” and that suspending/banning it would amount to censorship.

Peter McCormack and others expressed their opinion on this matter through their tweets.

Whale Panda also stated:

“The @Bitcoin twitter account should be suspended like the @internet account.
The account was sold which is against ToS.
The account is actively involved with defrauding people. It really is that simple.”

However, @Bitcoin expressed its opinion as well and tweeted:

He also added:

“Unlike most “Bitcoin” accounts, I exclusively tweet about the two most popular versions of Bitcoin, BTC & BCH. I categorically ignore “crypto”, “blockchain tech,” and ICOs. People aren’t mad at me because I don’t tweet about Bitcoin, they’re mad because I say the wrong things.”

This has caused the supporters of @Bitcoin to start a hashtag “WeAreAllBitcoin”, much like the hashtag started in support of Hodlonaut “WeAreAllHodlonaut”. The decision from Twitter has not yet been announced, however, Jimmy Song’s poll on the matter showed that 55% of the users voted to suspend the account in question.

Source: Twitter | Jimmy Song

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