Craig Wright’s ‘harassment and libel’ campaign might have hit a roadblock

Craig Wright’s “harassment and libel” lawsuit campaign has been extensively covered across different media platforms. His campaign might have come to a pause or possible end, as a Twitter user pointed out that Wright may have submitted a “provably fake email in court for the Kleiman case”.

Dr. Funkenstein, a Twitter user had tweeted:


The letter is an email from David Kleiman, which will act as proof to Craig’s claims about him being Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. According to Craig Wright, the email was sent by David Kleiman in 2012 and this letter/email was submitted by Wright in the court of law as proof.

According to Dr. Funkenstein, the letter contained a hex coded time stamp, which after decoding yielded the actual date, i.e., March 12, 2014, which is contradictory to Wright’s claims.

Dr. Funkenstein also tweeted:

“I should have mentioned, Dave died in 2013, so unless he rose from the dead, this email wasn’t from him.”

If what Dr. Funkenstein claims, is true, then Craig Wright’s claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto would be discredited. This would imply other cases that Craig Wright has been filing against several people in the crypto community like Peter McCormack, Adam Back, etc would come to naught, unless Wright has more proof to his claims.

Monero’s fluffypony commented on the matter as he tweeted:

“From: Dave Klieman”
So the court is expected to believe that Dave Kleiman couldn’t even spell his own name correctly when setting up his email client? That seems…unlikely.
Craig Wright is a fraud. Sorry for your loss, @CalvinAyre.”

Wright and Ayre’s relentless campaigns have pushed the coin, Bitcoin SV to the edge as exchanges like Binance, Shapeshift and others have delisted it.

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