Craig Wright’s ‘doctorate’ creates buzz again on twitter; BSV camp rallies to support the good Doctor!

Craig Wright has been the favorite topic of the crypto world over the past few days. The Bitcoin SV community believes that Wright is indeed behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the original Bitcoin creator, while almost the rest of the crypto community takes an opposite stance on the matter.

While Craig Wright is working towards proving that he is Satoshi, the BSV camp is trying to prove that he actually has a doctorate degree to the naysayers on social media. Twitter user @thekingvest posted a screenshot of Charles Strut University’s ‘Alumni Education Verification’ page, which confirmed that Craig Wright graduated from the university with a doctorate in Philosophy, along with Master of Information Systems Security, Master of Networking and System Administration, and Master of Management.

Craig Wright was accused of faking doctoral degree in 2015. According to a statement given by Charles Strut University to Forbes in 2015, Wright was not conferred any PhD. The statement of the University as quoted by the publication reads:

“Mr Wright has not been awarded a PhD from CSU.”

Twitter user @DrFunkenstein6 commented on the timeline of Craig Wright’s doctorate

“Very few people deny that he *currently* has a PhD (though it’s not in Computer Science). He did lie about it back in 2015 a couple times, though.”

Similar information was provided by the University to Mashable, a media organization when the publication approached them for verification.

The University did eventually award Craig Wright with a PhD in Philosophy in 2017, but Wright was recorded in 2015 claiming he had ‘a couple doctorates’. Out the couple mentioned by Wright, one of the doctorates is in Theology. However, the Twitter thread has raised a lot of questions about Wright’s qualifications, let alone him being Satoshi.

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