Craig Wright takes potshots at Hodlonaut, Binance’s CZ and John McAfee in latest interview

The spat between Craig Wright and Hodlonaut is far from over. In a recent interview with Crypto Finder, nChain’s Chief Scientist took a jibe at the #LNTrustChain initiator. Wright stated that Bitcoin SV [BSV] had a massive number of data centers to help send “cat photos really fast”. He went on to say that these cat photos were all over social media, be it Twitter or Facebook.

The Australian computer scientist also mentioned “grumpy cats” and “happy cats” in light of Hodlonaut having a Cartoon Bitcoin Astronaut Cat in his profile picture. Following the defamation suit filed by Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre against Hodlonaut, several BTC enthusiasts changed their profile pictures to an astronomical cat, in solidarity with Hodlonaut. He said,

“We don’t really care, but cat photos [are] everywhere.”

Ethereum’s creator Vitalik Buterin also received a similar legal notice, asking him to issue an apology to the fork coin creator.

During the interview, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto said that he created Bitcoin in the 1990s with the help of “some really good coders”. Talking about building a completely decentralized distributed system, he further claimed,

“I have actually tried what is like the wet dream of things like Ethereum.”

Going further, he took a potshot at Binance’s CZ, stating that his work is centralized and that there is no such thing as DEX or decentralized exchange. He added,

“That’s a fraud to try and get people to invest their money, Exchange requires regulation and liquidity to work.”

Further, Wright went on to call John McAfee a “conman” stating that he wants the software pioneer in court. The fork coin creator also claimed that McAfee had “charges for conning people” and facilitates “token scams”. He added,

“Please sue me Mr. McAfee. I actually got some evidence on you.”

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