Coinbase CEO gets spammed by DigiByte enthusiasts on Twitter following AMA announcement

Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, recently announced an AMA session to address some important “non-troll” questions on Twitter. However, he was soon flooded by tweets from the DigiByte [DGB] community, which took the opportunity to promote the digital asset and its multiple use-cases. Many even requested the CEO to list the cryptocurrency on Coinbase.

His original tweet read,

Source: Twitter

Armstrong had already clarified that he will not be commenting on which assets the exchange may or may not add in the future, adhering to the trading policy. However, after receiving an overwhelming response from the DigiByte community, the CEO tweeted that he was being “spammed” by the DGB crowd.

When one of the DigiByte enthusiasts made a commercial video for Coinbase and asked the CEO to add trading options for the coin on its platform, an exasperated Armstrong said that it was “tough to filter signal from noise.”

Luke DGB, a core member of the DigiByte awareness team, was quick to respond to Armstrong. He clarified that the DGB community had authentic and dedicated individuals, adding that they were not bots trying to promote the asset or spam the comment section.

He added that the community believed that DigiByte had met all the criteria for the listing. He also inquired about any changes to the previous crypto-listing guidelines.

A Twitter user, Jared Tate, also came out to respond and tweeted,

“By “spammed” do you mean “supportive people asserting meaningfully memorable energetic dialogue” with you? You are correct, sir! The #DigiByte #blockchain community rocks & we are here to answer any questions you have. We warmly welcome you & the @coinbase team to the $DGB family.”

The user further speculated that Armstrong appeared to have been “soured by the previous experiences,” with other platforms hiring bots and fake followers.

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