Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson takes subtle jab at CZ, says he ‘couldn’t afford’ him in AMA

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s [ADA] Founder, has always been vocal about the network’s functionality. Hoskinson has been applauded by community members for keeping users aloop with his long AMA sessions. Despite Cardano failing to post impressive rallies after a few brief surges prompted by updates earlier this year, the community has been quite supportive.

However, in his latest AMA session, Hoskinson addressed a user who wrote that “ADA is dead”. A calm Hoskinson replied,

” .. he [CZ] couldn’t afford me and it is far from dead, we’re doing great. We have never seen a velocity like this.”

Hoskinson, who is also the Co-founder of Ethereum and the CEO of IOHK, spoke about the Haskell demo and added that it will be accessible for public viewing soon. He also said that the company generates a massive amount of paperwork, documentation and progress reports. He said that while some of them get released publicly, a huge chunk of it is not made accessible.

To a user’s query regarding storing ADA on Raspberry Pi device for staking, Hoskinson admitted that even he wouldn’t recommend storing private keys on the device. However, storing ADA wouldn’t amount to a risk, he added. He further stated,

“One of the unique value of Cardano is that the devices and infrastructures that stakes do not require for that infrastructure to also hold the spending keys for the value.”

According to him, even if the stake pool gets compromised, the worst case scenario would be that the stake pool will behave “maliciously” for that particular epoch, stating that the value that is being delegated to it is never at risk. He further added that a paper wallet or a ledger device is “a much better idea” for storing cryptocurrency, instead of a device like Raspberry Pi.

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