Cardano’s [ADA] Charles Hoskinson blasts Breakermag for ‘bait and switch’ journalistic tactics

The proponents in the world of cryptocurrencies are the focal points in informing users about the developments and updates of their respective coins and networks. There are also instances when the luminaries call out false notions and news about them, something that Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK did recently.

In a video released by the Cardano [ADA] proponent, Hoskinson talked about an article that was published by Breakermag, elucidating on the mistakes and the ‘bait and switch’ tactic used by the Breakermag journalist. He stated that the interview, which included questions about the progress of Cardano and its future plans, became a piece about his character and integrity. In his words:

“We had a long and strenuous day in New York and despite that, we managed to give Breakermag some time to conduct the interview. The interview was pitched to us about Cardano and its workings but I did not realize that it was a check on my character or to see if I am an asshole in real life like I am on Twitter.”

Hoskinson claimed that he does not appreciate people lying or cheating him and that it is perfectly fine if anyone wants to criticize honestly. He added:

“I don’t mind if you want to criticize my character or my work if you tell me that is what you are going to do. I have done a lot of interview earlier, Tone Vays has called me a straight up scammer and here are others who have spoken highly of EOS and not Cardano. What I am not happy is to sit down with a journalist who tells me something and publishes something else.”

The computer scientist further stated that he had clarified on his infamous “do you know who I am” tweet multiple times over several interviews and despite that his explanation was not mentioned in the Breakermag article. Charles Hoskinson touched on how people in the cryptocurrency space get slandered a lot, which include harmless tweets and death threats, something ignored by the piece. According to him:

“I am not playing the victim here. There was no advanced notice or warning to portray a story like this. Breakermag is not a trustworthy group of journalists. I implore other people in the space to not talk to them as all they want is a hit piece and they will bait and switch you.”

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