Cardano [ADA]: No one cries for decentralized solutions unless centralized ones fail, says Charles Hoskinson

Cardano [ADA] has been hailed by many in the world of digital assets as a solution to many problems related to research, remittances and other walks of life. In a recent interview with Analysis in Chain, Charles Hoskinson, the Chief Executive Officer of IOHK, spoke about the ideals of the company and the implantation plans of Cardano.

Hoskinson stated that IOHK is a very unusual company as in some ways, it is a combination of a research company, an engineering company, and a design company. He stated that IOHK, as well as the projects associated with it such as Cardano and Ethereum Classic [ETC], operate on many basic principles. One of these is the process of differentiating centralization from decentralization. In his words,

“Cardano and IOHK are trying to solve many problems prevalent around us right now. For example, some people on Twitter are getting de-platformed without them knowing, something that IOHK can solve. We also want to solve issues on the remittance and financial market side, including micropayments and such. Everything we do is open source, and if someone else figures out a better use case for our product, then more power to them.”

The CEO revealed that everything done by the company has a political view behind it, which is that a decentralized world must be welcomed to allow free expression. He also admitted that centralization for the sake of decentralization is very expensive and impractical, and is not something customers want. He added,

“If we push for decentralization for no reason, then we will get a solution that is worse than a centralized system. No one really cries for decentralized solutions unless the centralized ones fall. People in war torn areas like Syria need it though because never before in history do we need a solution that will allow people to carry their value and assets wherever they go.”

Charles Hoskinson was previously in the news after stating that the cryptoverse was looking for a “WiFi or a Bluetooth moment.”

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