Brave Rewards launches in latest version of Brave for Android

Brave Browser, an open-source web browser based on the Chromium web browser, and its utility token, BAT has been making headlines with updates pertaining to the project’s development and the token’s price surge. Now, the project is back in the limelight with the launch of Brave Rewards in the latest version of Brave for Android.

Additionally, to commemorate this event, the team announced that it would be granting 100,000 BAT to Brave Android users, in an official blog post. According to the post, each BAT token will be worth around $5, and users can receive it by clicking on the “accept button in Brave Rewards”.

Source: Brave

Source: Brave

Bat-chriscat said on Reddit,

“Just to be clear, this particular release on Android includes the Tipping feature, but not the Ads (earning) feature just yet. However, it now exposes the BAT token symbol and idea of BAT (in the URL bar) to millions upon millions of Android Brave users.”

Moreover, the Founder of Brave, Brendan Eich, recently spoke about how Brave generates revenue and the future of the project, in an interview with Fast Company. He stated that they would be doing ads that would be privately matched by the browser, based on the user’s interest.

“and puts them in the place that the publisher has arranged for us to have an ad. The ads are static […] they won’t look like these crazy flyover ads. But it will allow publishers to get the big revenue share”

He stated that,

“We give 70% to the owner of the ad space. And then we get the same 15% that we give to the user. That’s why we use the triangle logo–you have users, advertisers, and publishers. This is something that hasn’t been fully tried. It’s complex. So it’s a multi-year mission.”

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