Bitcoin’s [BTC] median transaction value is over 125x that of Bitcoin [BCH], Bitcoin SV [BSV]

Bitcoin [BTC], the largest cryptocurrency in the cryptospace has always been engaged in a heated debate with coins such as Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Bitcoin SV [BSV], coins which came from the initial hard fork of the Bitcoin code.

According to recent data released by, the median transaction value witnessed between the coins is significantly different. As reported, the value of transactions observed on the Bitcoin blockchain was significantly higher, when compared to transactions sent on the BCH and BSV blockchain.

Source: BitInfoCharts

According to the data, the median value for a Bitcoin transaction on the blockchain was around $101.218. When compared to BTC’s transaction value, BCH and BSV recorded significantly low values overall, with their respective median values at $0.0279 and $0.966, respectively.

The huge difference in median transaction value held minor importance in terms of popularity, but the massive median transaction value could be taken as an indication of investors being more inclined towards putting their faith in Bitcoin, rather than BCH or BSV.

Additionally, for some users, long-term adoption and validation of cryptocurrencies would depend on digital assets being more accessible and feasible for small, frequent and cheap purchases.

One particular reason for the high Bitcoin transaction value can be the process of batching. With Bitcoin, transactions are usually clubbed together to reduce the strain on the blockchain.

At press time, Bitcoin [BTC] was valued at $5152.89, with every median transaction value at around 0.02 BTC. The recent bullish run had positive implications for BCH as well after the coin crossed the $300 mark.

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