Bitcoin SV’s [BSV] Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright: The story of a one-way bromance?

Bitcoin [BTC] has had an eventful 10 years. However, arguably more exciting than its concept and technology is the hunt for Bitcoin’s elusive creator: Satoshi Nakamoto. Over the years, there have been tons of speculation about the creator’s identity, with some claiming it to be a Japanese professor, while others speculate it to be Ripple’s David Schwartz. Other candidates on the speculative list have included Litecoin’s Charlie Lee and the late Bitcoin developer, David Kleiman.

The person who has made the loudest ‘I am Satoshi’ claim, however, is nChain’s Chief Scientist, Craig Wright aka ‘Faketoshi.’ That is a bad ringer for even the staunchest of believers, but Wright has his supporters, no questions about that.

One of Wright’s biggest supporters is Calvin Ayre, former gambling tycoon, and current Jet Ski enthusiast. Ayre’s most recent tweet said,

Source: Twitter

This is not the first time that Ayre has wholeheartedly supported Craig Wright. He has his reasons, albeit he has expressed them in very vague and eyebrow-raising ways. Take for example another one of his latest tweets,

Let’s get one thing straight here: there are a lot of assumptions in the space about Satoshi, but Wright’s claims for the title have been shot down so many times, it is basically a fodder for memes now. Let us take the recent Wikileaks newsbreak as an example. The Julian Assange-led news portal brought conclusive proof to the table that Wright edited his original blog, a blog that was the foundation to his claims of being Satoshi. Post the reveal, Faketoshi and Ayre both tag-teamed to trash Wikileaks, which the entire crypto-verse took with a sack of salt.

The Wikileaks controversy is just one of many, many reports on Wright’s alleged claim to fame. However, Ayre stood by him like a loyal brother-in-arms. You have to give it to Ayre though. For an indicted money launderer who spends most of his Twitter time calling John McAfee a murderer, he has been Wright’s rock throughout. Let’s not forget, Calvin Ayre has constantly defended Wright, despite the fact that he was once labeled a pathological liar by his own mother. And yet, Wright never seems to reciprocate the camaraderie.

When photos of Ayre enjoying a round of twerking by reportedly underage kids surfaced online, the entire social media universe went into a meltdown. Alas, Wright was nowhere to be seen protecting his Bitcoin SV comrade.

This has left Ayre unfazed though, with him attacking not just people in the Bitcoin community, but also Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin as well, calling him “a moron that invented nothing”. He even claimed that Buterin had “copied Craig and fu**ed it all up since he does not understand economics”. His statements seem more ironical now because his style of economics got him indicted on multiple cases of illegal gambling and money laundering.

Looking at all the facts above, Ayre’s actions to promote Bitcoin SV seem more incentivized by the trust he has in Craig Wright, rather than the belief in SV’s underlying technology. In a perfect world, Ayre would have gotten the same support from Wright. However, Calvin Ayre can only hope that day comes soon. For as we all know, Bitcoin SV desperately needs both its proponents working in sync.

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