’s Cobra accuses Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto of pandering to Bitcoiners to promote Cash App

Cobra, Co-owner of and, has always been very vocal about his views on other cryptocurrency projects. Cobra has consistently attacked altcoins, or what he calls “shitcoins,” while hailing Bitcoin as the “king coin” and “worth more than all other altcoins combined.” He is in the news again after attacking Jack Dorsey and his new crypto project, Square Crypto.

Cobra accused Dorsey and Square Crypto of pandering to Bitcoin users, while also suggesting that the crypto project is merely a way to bring in more users for Dorsey’s Cash App. Cash App, developed by Dorsey’s Square Inc., is a mobile payments app that announced Bitcoin support last year to great fanfare. Cobra’s tweet read,

“Gotta respect how hard @sqcrypto is pandering to Bitcoiners. Very clever how @Jack has embedded himself in the community; in return the community promotes @CashApp, which gives that service a small but dedicated and activist group of early users.”

For its part, Square Crypto has not announced anything major, since it was first launched last month. However, it is known that the crypto project is on the hunt for crypto engineers and designers. Square Crypto was also in the news after querying the cryptoverse about what it wanted to be added to the ecosystem, with privacy enhancements and lightning plug-ins being the most popular suggestions.

Cobra wasn’t done attacking Jack Dorsey. In the same thread, he further added,

“Liberal elites don’t like things they can’t control. Bitcoin goes against everything Jack stands for. He’s no Bitcoiner, and never will be.”

The response to Cobra’s tweets was mixed, however, with Twitter user @StopAndDecrypt commenting,

“Do things we like and it’s pandering, do things we don’t like and we’re being too tribalistic? Once again, it’s like Cobra doesn’t understand how any of this works.”

This isn’t the first time Cobra has spoken out against Dorsey and Cash App. Cobra had previously claimed that Dorsey’s Cash App will push the same kind of censorship Bitcoin advocates work against. Cash App’s censorship would be an extension of Twitter’s censorship policies, he said, adding that it will soon restrict users from accessing their own funds. He said,

“Word of caution for everyone riding @Jack’s dick, the same de-platforming tools will be applied to @CashApp eventually; loss of your money or suspension based on arbitrary BS.”

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