@Bitcoin hits out at misrepresentation allegations; questions Hodlonaut supporters, Jack Dorsey

The @Bitcoin Twitter handle was in the limelight after many in the cryptospace, including Peter McCormack, Whale Panda, and Jimmy Song, called out the account holder on social media for misrepresenting BTC.

Many in the community were infuriated with the account for allegedly “posing” to be Bitcoin Core, when in reality, it was propagating BCH’s views while criticizing the king coin. According to many BTC enthusiasts on the platform, @Bitcoin is a “Bitcoin Cash shill.”

The latest proponent to target the account was Erik Voorhees, Co-Founder of Coinapult. He tweeted,

“The @Bitcoin twitter handle isn’t the property of anyone but Twitter. As such, how it is permitted to be used should be entirely determined by Twitter’s TOS.”

The matter intensified after Messari’s analyst and Bitcoin [BTC] enthusiast, Zack Voell, disclosed a now deleted conversation with Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter. Here, the former requested the “end” of the @Bitcoin handle, over its comments involving “unobstructed bashing of BTC.”

The flak directed towards @Bitcoin’s Twitter handle prompted criticism from the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] community, many of whom voiced their opinion against shutting down and imposing a ban on dissenting opinions. Even BTC maximalists cheered the prospect of suspending the account over BCH shill allegations. In response, @Bitcoin tweeted that Twitter “deplatforming” was problematic, despite the community’s varying stance on Bitcoin and its hard fork.

In a recent interview with Coinspice, @Bitcoin had stated that the situation was absurd, asserting that the same people who came together for @Hodlonaut against Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre were ganging up against him on Twitter for pointing out BTC’s scalability flaws.

@Bitcoin further claimed that there was a “conflict of interest,” asking whether Dorsey was trying to silence the opinions expressed by the account because of a ToS breach or because the CEO “is a part of the BTC maximalist mob.”

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