Bitcoin Girl Thailand goes into hiding to avoid death penalty after breach of ‘Thai Sovereignty’

Early Bitcoin investor, Chad Elwartowski and girlfriend Supranee Thepdet, aka bitcoin girl Thailand a popular influencer on social media, might face the death penalty over their “seastead” project which allegedly breached the Kingdom’s sovereignty.

The couple hoped to build their seastead away from any state territories and this was done in pursuit of “freedom”. However, their dream took an unfortunate turn after Thai’s navy accused them of violating rules and that they would face the death penalty for it.

Thailand’s navy accused the couple of violating the country’s sovereignty as they built their “seastead” 12 nautical from Thai shore, which threatens the country’s independence. Elwartowski said that they complied with the rules and that the “seastead” was 13 nautical miles away from Thai shore and not 12 nautical miles.

Bitcoin’s aim of becoming sovereign money might seem tempting and possible in the near future as more institutions are starting to accept it. Bitcoin’s entry into the mainstream financial market has pushed hopes of libertarians higher and their dreams, an inch closer to reality. However, the same could not be said for the enthusiastic couple, as Times of India reported that an official complaint was filed at Phuket police station and if the couple is found guilty, they could face death penalty.

Elwartowski stated:

“I like the idea of being able to vote with your home. If you don’t like how your community is being run, you just float to a new one.”

The Thai officials also stated that the couple “did not seek permission from Thailand” before constructing their home and also put out a call to other investors, which further agitated the Thai authorities.

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