Bitcoin enthusiast Tone Vays gets sued for defamation and libel, but not by Craig Wright!

Tone Vays, a prominent Bitcoin enthusiast and a trader, received a Cease and Desist letter from TokenPay’s legal firm for “defamation attacks against TokenPay”.

Lawsuits have become the new norm in the crypto-sphere. In an interesting turn of events, Tone Vays received a “Cease and Desist” letter for defamatory attacks made by him on a video dated April 02, 2018. Tone Vays tweeted his response to the letter from “SG Law Group”, adding that there was no case of defamation and libel.

Vays spoke about the letter on his live stream and also referenced the recent lawsuits filed by Craig Wright and said that he wanted to take appropriate legal actions.

Tone Vays had spoken out against TokenPay and irregularities with their partnerships, including those involving Litecoin creator Charlie Lee. In a tweet dated July 14, 2018, Vays alleged that Lee might have been bribed by TokenPay. His tweet read:

“So how does this CEO get someone like Charlie Lee (Not tagged on purpose, I’m sure you all will tell him), it looks to me like you just waive some money or a promise of buying a bank to wash your printed money of the #ICO”

TokenPay commented on one of Vays tweets saying that he had not replied to them and that he blocked them. TokenPay also tweeted:

“… We are more confident than ever in our products and services and contribution to the industry.”

A Twitter user @engardemedia replied to TokenPay:

“But did you sue him? Maybe Derek should go Live with him ! :)”

@TokenPay replied:

“No, we didn’t sue. It is a C&D. Would love to go live but he blocked us and wont even entertain debating Derek on the merits of our platform. It is sad, and we have to protect our business interests.”

Tone Vays further confirmed in one of his tweets saying that his lawyer would respond to TokenPay soon.

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