Bitcoin Cash [BCH] network is ‘inflated centralized garbage’, tweets Bitrefill’s John Carvalho

John Carvalho, the CCO of Bitrefill and a Bitcoin enthusiast has never shied away from expressing his disapproval of Bitcoin hard fork coins. In his most recent Twitter attack, Carvalho said that BCH was a “counterfeit” of BTC, calling the former’s network “inflated centralized garbage”. He tweeted,

“Bcashers argue against BTC scaling with a punchline of “buy more BCH!” Kinda embarrassing, but they chose a future of begging for liquidity.”

The response followed a recent thread by Peter R Rizun, the Chief Scientist at Bitcoin Unlimited, who stated that the second-layer solution, Lightning Network [LN], could not solve the issue of scalability and high fees plaguing the Bitcoin network.

He opined that once bigger blocks came into the picture, BCH would benefit more as the fork coin’s roadmap was far superior than that of Bitcoin [BTC]. He tweeted,

“This will kick off two competing dynamics within BTC: voice and exit. Some will voice the need for a block size limit increase, while others will exit to BCH as the path of least resistance. Whether BCH flippens BTC at this point will depend on which dynamic is stronger.”

The Chief Scientist added that BCH had more positive aspects and that the “uncertainty” factor would help the fork coin post gains higher than BTC.

Following BitcoinErrorLog’s response to the original tweet, many BTC maximalists expressed a similar sentiment. One of them, Gru, joined in and stated that BCH was cheaper because it was “inherently less valuable”.

Carvalho has been quite vocal about Bitcoin’s scalability solutions, even terming the LN as a trailblazer. This is also not the first time the CCO has called out BTC’s fork coins. Previously, he had criticized all fork coins, calling them a scam and a huge waste of both time and money.

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